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Seed is a non-profit enterprise, born in 2006 by the experience and enthusiasm of young professionals in the field of education, technologies, and international cooperation.

What does it mean “non-profit enterprise”?
A non-profit enterprise is an organization that produces profit, but that does not distribute dividends. Profit is reinvested in order to achieve socially relevant goals: in the case of seed, profit is reinvested in support to projects and educational and research initiatives aiming to the development and promotion of a culture of educational technologies in development and cooperation, such as the support to outstanding students and researchers through scholarships.

What does Seed do?

  • Offers expertise, services and technical solutions to the organizations operating in the field and supporting them with the introduction of technologies in their training and educational activities, acting as consultant or as project partner.
  • Invests all its profits in study grants/scholarship for high level education, supporting persons/outstanding students from developing countries, willing to study and do research in the field of educational technologies.
  • Supports the first two activities through fund raising campaigns.

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